About The Inceptery


Women-founded and women-led, we work with businesses large and small – from across the globe to catalyse shifts and adapt to thrive in the new economy of today and the future.

CULTIVATING a practice, INSPIRING and SUPPORTING organisations to be agents of change.

Founded in 2016, we combine decades of experience at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and research. We celebrate diversity and multidisciplinary ways of working and understand our cognitive diversity to be a strength. This is how we solve problems and create change that is effective.

We see ourselves as B-school meets D-school and everything else in between.

Our Impact Business Model


Democratising innovation: we are committed to actioning regenerative principles in our business model. That’s why we make our expertise available to all, including underserved groups.


Agile collaboration: We engage partners strategically, keeping our programmes relevant and costs lean. By leveraging external expertise, skills and cognitive diversity, we optimise value whilst maintaining nimble operations.

Adaptive Capacity

Our programmes are designed to be adaptable, allowing us to build and adjust them based on specific needs. For pricing, we offer a sliding scale which considers factors such as the type of organisation, profitability and the potential impact of the engagement.

Contextualised and Nuanced

Tailored approach: We use existing tools, but do not apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We contextualize our approach for every organization and team that we work with. Every situation is unique and demands a nuanced understanding of its complexities.

Impact-Driven Amplification

To maximise our influence in promoting sustainability-led innovation, we have introduced a Buy-one Share-one initiative. By collaborating with us, you could help extend the reach of our services to smaller organisations, potentially even within your own supply chain. This demonstrates our commitment to embodying our values by providing accessible expertise to all.

Embodying our purpose

Our purpose

What brings us together is a passion for innovation with a positive purpose; through the medium of business and collaboration.


Acting with sincerity, openly and with equitable intention.


Having the courage to be bold and do things differently.


Doing what we love sincerely and with purpose.


Being hopeful in our vision.


Consciously questioning and considering the possibilities.


Growing in open clusters and in pure desired associations.


Awareness and sensitivity in the nuances of each situation.


The connection between what we say and what we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every organisation and every person that we work with is empowered and inspired to understand and leverage the intricate web of human and business interactions for better business outcomes that contribute to a thriving planet.

Together, we want to forge a path towards a desirable and prospering future that benefits both present and future generations.

Our Mission

To challenge, inspire, lead and support organisations as they leverage employee capabilities and seize opportunities, boldly stepping into the future with prosperity-oriented practices that foster the flourishing of people and the planet.

Experience our values through working with us.

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