Anna Itkin

Managing Partner | Consultant

Anna has spent nearly two decades at the vanguard of scientific research and innovation in both academia and industry. Anna’s hunger to blend scientific principles, progressive ideas, and business has led her to acquire new skills, qualifications, and expertise at some of the world’s leading institutions.

Anna’s outlook is inspired by a childhood in the gardens of Belarus, and an education that took her from the former USSR to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Anna’s unique journey is infused with her values and mission: her outlook and principles are shaped by an international outlook; cultivated all around the world. 

Anna believes business, governments, and industry can be vehicles that carry change, so long as the journey makes sense in a world where capital is king. In 2016, Anna co-founded The Inceptery to inspire business model innovation and address the pressing need for organizations to simultaneously become economically, socially, and environmentally responsible, resilient, and regenerative.

For Anna, there is limitless potential in the circular economics of sustainability. Her mission is to help businesses to unleash and realise what’s on offer by exploring new ways to reach people and profits, minds and milestones.

Using collaborative and participatory processes, and available technologies, our commitment is to unveil the boundless possibilities awaiting those eager to embrace new ways of operating.

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