Marisa Agrasut

Marisa Agrasut

Managing Partner | Consultant
Co-creator / Enabler / Facilitator

As a practitioner, facilitator, and enabler, for the last 18 years, Marisa has been working with teams helping them understand, apply, and leverage tools, frameworks, and methodologies to optimize value creation. From consulting to co-creating, working with Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, AIA, and Savills to national ministries and non/not-just-for-profits. 

During the 2009 Asian economic crisis Marisa discovered her inner entrepreneur – embarking on her first – people, planet, profit business model venture, at the time challenging the negative perception of plant-based diets; enabling reduced-carbon and responsible consumption through a (then) pioneering circularity, systems-thinking, and purpose-led business.

In 2016 she co-founded The Inceptery – working at the edge of conventional boundaries and assumptions, challenging notions of success in our current paradigm, and helping future-oriented companies embed and further the business resilience imperative into their organizations.

Having led and managed programs from research through to implementation across various industries, her experience is truly interdisciplinary. She has helped businesses build their brands across channels, uncovering behavior and insights, then translating them into the tangible for both users and stakeholders

A graduate in Strategic Design Management, she harbors a lifetime fascination with the limitless power of intentionality and externalizing creative processes collectively –  meeting at the intersect of where we sense-make, gain insight, find needs, opportunities and originate ideas; to bring about new consciousness, solutions, businesses, and technology to improve human-planetary conditions profitably.

Her mission is to ignite, vision, conceptualize, create, develop, and deliver value; by leveraging the tools, new ideas, and cross-functional working and embedding innovation capability into teams and organizations that she works with.

Possessing the ‘ambidexterity’ so necessary for this practice she also spends time guiding, coaching, and challenging teams, facilitating global innovation labs as well as continuing to lead and participate in such initiatives herself.

She is passionate about the power of open innovation and technology to solve everyday, real-world problems, that not only build better businesses and organisations, but also that create societal and environmental benefits.

Using collaborative and participatory processes, and available technologies, our commitment is to unveil the boundless possibilities awaiting those eager to embrace new ways of operating.

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