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Our speakers for “Exploring the intersection of creativity & responsibility” #SDWSG2023.

We’d like to introduce our panelists for our event on September 23rd, 2023 titled:

Exploring the intersection of creativity & responsibility.

The Inceptery and Itsnotthere.design proudly present a thought-provoking event that will reshape your perspective on design and innovation.

📅 Event Date: Saturday 23rd September, 2023.

🕒 Time: 1-5pm

📍 Venue: Temasek Shophouse

🎙️ Panel Discussion: “Exploring the Intersection of Creativity and Responsibility”

Our distinguished speakers, Nadya Shaznay Patel, Vikas Kailankaje, and Eva Castro Iraola, bring their broad knowledge and expertise to the forefront of this stimulating conversation.  

Each of our panelists brings their unique contribution from academia and practice, sharing their thoughts and framing the changes we are seeing or need within the design industry and education due to the existential issues around sustainability and technology.

Whilst education might imply the institutionalised and structured learning that is part of our early years, the tectonic changes we are experiencing now, more than ever require a growth mindset and the willingness to relearn, unlearn and continue to expand our knowledge and skills as we continue to work in the industry as professionals – at a much faster rate, and completely redefined.

What we see so far is that there are massive gaps between the way we (within the design community or industry) are framing; thinking about; asking questions; understanding implications; connecting to the bigger, broader picture; designing for and considering (or allowed to consider) in our work versus what is really needed in our interconnected and interdependent world.
Through the discussions we will explore issues around these topics as well as touch upon those of ethics, governance, complexity, emergent design and more!

Alongside their perspectives, we want to have this as an interactive discussion and dialogue with the audience.

You can read more about our panelists below.  Tickets for this event are available as standalone or as part of the two part series.  The second event is a workshop where we will be redesigning the design industry.

Nadya Shaznay Patel Ed.D

About Dr Nadya Patel

Dr Nadya Patel, an Assistant Professor in the Business, Communication and Design cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology, has accumulated over twenty years of experience as an educator, researcher and trainer. With a passion for critical design futures thinking, she co-develops design innovation and multimedia design modules that aim to develop learners’ creative confidence and critical competence for the future of work.

At the invitation of local and international institutions, she regularly facilitates professional development workshops on pedagogical approaches to improve teaching and learning practices. Committed to bridging the research-practice gap, she engages industry partners in applied research projects that leverage her expertise and interests in critical design futures and learning and development.

Over the years, she has worked with industry partners like UOB, Singtel and Social Service Institute to offer industry-relevant workshops on critical design futures for innovation, empathetic leadership communication, and corporate coaching and mentoring. Dr Nadya Patel graduated with a Doctor in Education from University College London, and her current pursuit of a Master degree in Digital Management is a testament to her unwavering commitment to lifelong learning.

Previously, she was a Research Fellow with the Centre for Pedagogy and Practice at Nanyang Technological University, where she was involved in two nationwide research studies on teaching and learning practices in Singapore. Dr Nadya, a teacher-researcher at heart,  endeavours to remain at the forefront of transformational pedagogical approaches that leverage emerging technologies and transdisciplinary learning.

About Vikas Kailankaje

Vikas Kailankaje has been a lecturer at the LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, since 2016 and currently oversees the final-year curriculum for its BA (Hons) in Design Communication programme. His teaching foci covers typography, information design, user experience, and design research. A Master of Architecture graduate, Vikas’ professional experience spans visual communication and editorial direction for institutional clients and publishers. His current research covers the history of urban graphics in Singapore, combining his interests in commercial signage with local urban history.

Since 2018, Kailankaje has collaborated with type designer Mark De Winne to document and historicize the “Singapore Gothic” as a constituent of the city’s graphic vernacular. As a designer-educator, Vikas is keenly aware of the need to produce reflexive practitioners who are critical while working with raw materials that comprise communication design: image, type, data and form.

About Eva Castro Iraola

Eva Castro Iraola is a professor of practice at AS+D – SUTD, Singapore, where she currently is the coordinator of core studio 2 and the master’s advanced lab “inhabiting new futures: oceanic environments”. 

She has been the director of the Landscape Urbanism Unit at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the director of the Landscape Urbanism Master program at the AA school of Architecture in London and has held positions as visiting professor at HKU, Hong Kong and as honorary professor at X’ian University of Architecture and Technology.

Castro is co-founder and director of the territorial agency and media laboratory formAxioms, a curatorial core of art collective HotHouse. 

In 2022 she co-founded the Centre for Climate Adaptation (CCA), operating within SUTD, Pratt Institute and Pace University.

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Mapping and designing the ecosystem of creativity and responsibility.


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