Padmakshi Rana

Cofounder, Sustainable manufacturing & business models

With an MBA, MPhil, and PhD, Padmakshi has over 10 years of researching, understanding, and consulting at the intersection of business innovation and sustainability.

Through her research at the Centre for Industrial Sustainability, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge – her work focused on sustainable business models, value exchanges and networks, stakeholder collaboration, materiality, and reporting, while her PhD explored CSR in food manufacturing companies. All of which, form the basis of contemporary challenges facing global and local businesses today.

She has worked across industry sectors (automotive, manufacturing, clean-tech/energy, eco-tourism) with some of the world’s most progressive organizations on their sustainability journey – companies such as ASICS, Boots, British Sugar, CLAAS, Elcon, Marks and Spencer, Nike, Riversimple, Toyota, Unilever, and Vitsoe, alongside academia, government and non-profit organizations across Europe and Asia.

Not only is she a thought leader with articles in prominent academic publications, but she is also a contributor in the field, leading the ongoing development of vocabulary, ideas, and an ever-growing body of work that characterizes how sustainability is understood, conceived, and disseminated in enterprises. She is one of the group of co-creators who have conceptualized the innovative Cambridge Value Mapping Tool. A framework that successfully guides businesses to integrate socially and environmentally focused outcomes alongside profitability.

She believes that today more than ever, there is a need for people from all professions and walks of life to collaborate in striving for a sustainable world so that future generations can continue the work through example. Prior to the Inceptery, Padmakshi worked at a boutique sustainability consultancy and wrote for Eco-Business – a Singapore-based online publication, which is the regional authority on business and sustainability-related news.

Padmakshi has relocated back to Nepal with her family. She has taken on the role as the Deputy Director, Programs at Nepal Communitere, an innovation-led community hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers, based in Kathmandu. She is involved in designing and developing the business incubation curriculum, leading the Tourovation Hub program, providing business coaching to MSMEs and SMEs, and supporting the overall operations of the organization. 

As part of her ongoing commitment to the work of the Inceptery – she continues to advise on key engagements and thought leadership.

From time to time, she participates in industry-academic research and development contributing to the ongoing work on the subject matter of sustainable business model innovation.

Using collaborative and participatory processes, and available technologies, our commitment is to unveil the boundless possibilities awaiting those eager to embrace new ways of operating.

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