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SDW Singapore Design Week 2022.

We are excited to share that in concomitance of #SDW2022 (SingaporeDesign Week 2022) by #DesignSingapore, under the Design Impact Pillar, we #theinceptery, will be hosting a dialogue exploring the evolving role of design and innovation for purpose and impact.

The session will hear from a variety of perspectives about:

  • How the industry has changed.
  • What is needed for the current complex world we live in?
  • How we believe practitioners can stay relevant whilst creating a positive impact across business, society, and the environment.

We will hear from industry, academia, and other organizations who have tried to integrate purpose into their business.

#SDW Singapore Design Week 2022.


Redefining and accelerating the role and scope of design, for impact and purpose.

Saturday, 17th September 2022.

  • 16.00 – 18.00 hrs: dialogue/session.
  • 18.00hrs: Informal networking close by.

After the session (location kindly provided by #MADSchool, Singapore), there will be informal networking at a local bar/cafe downstairs at Riverside Point.

The event is free of charge and in person. Registration is required and seats are limited.

For the post-event networking, food and drinks are purchased at your own cost.

We hope you will join us!

For more details and registration go to Eventbrite here.

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