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The Sustainability Startup Series | nornnorn

During the pandemic we found ourselves with a little more time that we had expected, to start a number of internal initiatives that we had been planning for some time.

One of these initiatives was a series of informal, exploratory chats on film with some of the most interesting startups, SMEs, and innovators who were redefining what a sustainability-led business might look like.

Over the years we have been showcasing these in various mediums (mostly through written case studies), but with the new-found accessibility of Zoom, we took to experimenting with a more engaging format.

Our first chat is with Founder and CEO Naps Nophol Techaphangam (郑明川) of #circularitystartup #nornnorn.

In our Zoom chat, he explains how his venture is offering mattresses-as-a-service to the #hospitality and #facilities industry in hopes of #closingtheloop on these bulky and hard-to-reuse/recycle items.

Anyone looking to reduce their negative impacts and free up their capex when opening a new hotel or facility might want to watch!

We will be refining the format of these as we do more so stay tuned.

If you know of any interesting new businesses we could chat with, let us know via our Linkedin page, Facebook, or the Contact page of our site.

Thank you Naps for taking the time to test this with us and share more about your innovative business model.

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