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Business modeling for sustainable manufacturing

Co-founder Dr. Padmakshi Rana co-authors a chapter on business modeling for sustainable manufacturing in the book titled ‘Value Networks in Manufacturing’.

Business modelling for sustainable manufacturing

Climate change, waste, resource depletion, working conditions and practices, increasing inequality, and other growing environmental and social problems illustrate the unsustainable nature of production and consumption across the world. These challenges that shape mainstream thinking on sustainability require strategic and operational changes to companies. Likewise, new business networks and partnerships, dynamics, and uncertainties in modern markets call for innovative solutions. This book highlights various techniques and methods that can help support the manufacturing sector and other organizations, to incorporate economic, social, and environmental perspectives in networked business environments. It covers a range of issues and case studies for creating value within network governance, business models, sustainable solution development for products and services, and performance management.

The chapter on Business Modelling for Sustainable Manufacturing Value Networks, co-authored by The Inceptery’s Padmakshi Rana, reflects on business models for sustainability. It presents a sustainable business modeling process and toolset to assist companies and practitioners in developing business models for sustainable manufacturing networks.

To purchase this book or chapters from this book go to: http://www.springer.com/in/book/9783319277974

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