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Capturing value: Dr. Padmakshi Rana co-authors another chapter

Co-founder Dr. Padmakshi Rana of the Inceptery co-authors the chapter on ‘Engineering for sustainable value’ in the book titled ‘Value creation through engineering excellence: building global network capabilities.

It proposes a conceptual model of engineering sustainability, using the sustainable value analysis tool (SVAT). The SVAT explores comprehensive forms of value analysis, using a product life cycle approach. In particular, the tool investigates ‘value uncaptured’, which provides a novel way to support the integration of sustainability into engineering operations, in the context of high-value engineering.

Capturing value: Dr Padmakshi Rana co-authors another chapter

Description: This book provides a systematic framework for effectively creating value through engineering in global business networks, and contributes to an increasingly important branch of engineering operations. By updating the traditional disciplines of engineering and operations management and addressing challenges and opportunities in building global network capabilities, this study offers a contemporary guide for developing effective industrial policies to enhance the global competitiveness of engineering sectors, which will be extremely useful to engineering companies and policy-makers. The themes discussed include main trends and driving forces, state-of-the-art knowledge in relevant subject areas, new technologies, and leading practice.

This timely book will help researchers, managers, and students to gain an overall understanding of the pioneering research occurring in this field and it will enable companies to benefit from global engineering networks.

The book is available on Amazon UK, here.

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